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Latest Sinkholes in the World

Latest Sinkholes in the World

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09/16/2017 11:56 PM
Visit the Bimmah Sinkhole Oman: photos and practical tips
Bimmah Sinkhole Oman - Guide and many photos to help you plan your visit to the sink hole known by the locals as the Falling Star (Hawiyat Najm)
09/01/2012 05:48 AM
Bob's Sinkhole – Morehead City, North Carolina - Atlas Obscura
Discover Bob's Sinkhole in Morehead City, North Carolina: This sinkhole is disguised as a pond and named after the man who stumbled upon it.
03/04/2013 01:32 AM
What causes sinkhole? How to detect sinkholes? How to ...
This article exposes what causes sinkholes, gives you information on how to detect and prevent sinkholes to raise your awareness on sinkhole warning signs.
09/19/2017 05:02 AM
Taking a Dip in Bimah Sinkhole, Oman - Travel with Pedro
One of the best experiences on a trip to the Middle East is taking a dip in Bimah sinkhole, Oman. Green waters, great scenery and a surprise as you swim.
09/14/2017 06:22 PM
Water Main Break Causes Sinkhole Near San Diego
A water line burst under Interstate 8 in Mission Valley, California, on September 14, causing a sinkhole to form in the pavement. Highway lanes were shut down ...
09/17/2017 01:18 PM
Using InSAR to detect subsidence at brine wells, sinkhole ...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE Using InSAR to detect subsidence at brine wells, sinkhole sites, and mines Michael L. Rucker • Bibhuti B. Panda • Robert A. Meyers • John C ...
10/02/2012 08:03 AM
Quinta da Regaleira – Sintra, Portugal - Atlas Obscura
Discover Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, Portugal: Eccentrically decorated palace and gardens replete with grottoes, fountains, underground tunnels, caves, and ...
08/21/2017 02:09 AM
Big Idiot Drives Into Even Bigger Sinkhole Because He Was ...
CCTV footage shows the man on his scooter, staring at his phone before driving directly into the sinkhole. The incident took place in the southwestern city of Beihai ...
09/18/2017 07:55 AM
List of karst areas - Wikipedia
Karst topography is a geological formation shaped by the dissolution of a layer or layers of soluble bedrock, usually carbonate rock such as limestone or dolomite ...
09/18/2017 11:30 AM
Gorgeous Labor Day ahead, but cold front could bring ...
Gorgeous Labor Day ahead, but cold front could bring storms tomorrow

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