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Florida Karst Sinkhole Information

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Florida Law Firms Practicing Sinkhole and Personal Injury Litigation

Florida Law Firms Practicing Sinkhole and Personal Injury Litigation

This webpage is a partial list of law firms that deal with personal injury and sinkhole litigation, which Florida residents might find useful. I do not endorse any firm in this list, I am merely providing it as a starting point for people looking for such professional services.

Bing: florida sinkhole lawyer

Bing: florida sinkhole lawyer

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05/20/2018 09:42 PM
Sinkhole Facts & Information
Sinkholes are Common in Florida Affecting Foundations and Soils.
05/22/2018 10:05 AM
Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers | Fulgencio Law | Florida
Experienced attorneys on your case: Personal Injury, Slip and Fall, Civil Litigation, Negligence, Property Damage, Business Formation and Representation.
04/20/2014 04:46 AM
Florida sinkhole threatens to engulf two homes | Daily ...
The sinkhole grew larger Saturday following heavy rains in the Villages, Florida.
12/30/2014 09:07 AM
Rescue operation pulls Nate the horse from a SINKHOLE in ...
There was no time for horsing around at a stable in Florida last Friday after a sinkhole nearly swallowed up one of the equines. Nate, a 30-year-old nag living at TMMA Farms in the rural community of Oxford, was found with his head poking out of a grassy pasture while the rest of his body lay ...
05/15/2018 12:58 PM
Sinkhole opens under home in The Villages | WFTV
A sinkhole opened Monday under a woman’s home in The Villages, officials said.
05/22/2018 09:30 AM
Car Accident Lawyer in Tampa - Get a Free Case Evaluation
Need legal advice? We only collect if we win. Our personal injury attorneys can help after an accident. Consultations are always free - call (877) 444-2929. Serving the Tampa community for over 20 years.
07/21/2017 06:37 PM
Is sinkhole damage sinking Tampa Bay property values?
On a scale of desirability, the house for sale on Whittner Drive in Land O' Lakes would rank fairly low. It's a short sale; it sits on an unstabilized sinkhole and it's within a few miles of two houses that collapsed into a gargantuan hole July 14. The asking price is $250,000, but the seller will ...
05/22/2018 04:39 PM
FOX 13 News | FOX 13 Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay news, weather ...
Gateway to Tampa Bay area news, weather, radar, sports, traffic, and more. From WTVT-TV/DT FOX 13, the most powerful name in local news.
05/22/2018 04:15 AM
Insurance Lawyers | John Bales Attorneys
Florida Insurance Lawyers. Homeowners insurance, car insurance, medical insurance … These are all examples of protection you can rely upon following an unforeseen event, like a roof-damaging storm, a rush-hour car accident, or an unexpected illness or injury.
01/13/2018 02:59 PM
Tampa lawyer arrested on cocaine trafficking charges ...
A Tampa lawyer was among three men arrested Wednesday by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on cocaine trafficking charges.Robert Carr, 66, whose firm is the Resolute Law Group at 808 W Waters Ave., fa

About this Webpage

I enjoy working with GIS data and try to find new things to keep my skills honed with.

Within these pages, I am performing some GIS tasks about the Karst Sinkholes in Florida. After seeing the news about the 100 foot-side sinkhole that had opened up behind a house in Windermere, Florida, I decided to see what was available for historic sinkhole data and started developing this webpage, complete with a time-lapse video of the historic locations of the sinkholes.

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